1ST EDITION – April 2014

In February 2014 when we learned DT Dobie, Mercedes/Nissan/Jeep importers in Kenya, were going to lose the Nissan brand from their rostrum, we convinced them to listen to our thinking and propositions to quickly limit the damage they would inevitably suffer from such a commercial hit.
They loved our ideas and put us to the test to start making them happen. We did.


So was born the 1st edition of the Jeep family adventure raid.

DT Dobie invited some lucky customers to this fun week-end.

The objective is to accompany the new owners and build their confidence in their new vehicle’s capacities, give them a taste for adventure, Jeep style. Other objectives are to show them DT Dobie truly wish to accompany them in a fabulous journey with the brand. The thinking is also that they enjoy the outing so much they will relay this experience to their friends/peers/networkand grow the ”Jeep owners club”.

The week-end sends the guests on the roads and tracks to a destination unknown to them, with some surprises along the way. As the destination needed to remain secret, we felt we needed the help of GPS, which like Jeep is a symbol of adventure. We presented Garmin, world leader in GPS products, with our project. They liked it enough to want in as partner and ended up offering us half the units we needed and sold us the other half at cost.

We started selecting roads and tracks to fill the GPS the guests would be given as a gift. The priority for roads and tracks was their scenic potential. Although 4X4 were better for this adventure, there were no extreme areas before the surprise.

After this fun filled afternoon, the last leg of the journey (15 min. drive) took the guests to Serena Elementeita lodge. After booking in and freshening up, an open bar was now what everyone needed.Some prizes were given out to a few exceptional participants (Hyena award for the permanent smile, Simba award for the bravest in the obstacle run, etc.) by the DT Dobie directors before a festive gargantuan meal was served to all.

Was the outing a success?

The guests loved it so much, they are taking it on them to create a Jeep club which plans to organize more adventure outings on their watch.

In the days following the raid, DT Dobie received a few calls from other owners who had declined the invitation but wanted to be on the next one, some friends of participants (4) had already called to enquire about the Jeep brand offer.

The Sunday nation, the standard, The star, Coastweek, Asian weekly all gave a minimum of one page to the event, Facebook and Twitter posts. There is also some TV coverage to come from the invited journalist.

DT Dobie - Jeep adventure raid

When we learned CFAO - DT Dobie, largest importer of automobiles in Kenya was loosing the Nissan brand from its portfolio, we went to them with an idea to help minimize the impact and start building their new future.

It involved increasing the awareness and reinforcing the image of another brand they distribute but was handled more as a niche:                                 JEEP.


We propozed and organized the first

                         JEEP Familly Adventure Raid.

DT Dobie invited their Jeep clients and gave them full VIP treatment for a week-end.

The underlying objective was to get them to know the capabilities of their new vehicle better and give them the possibility to test them in a fun, relaxed and secure environment.

It started with Tea and Mandazis, and the first surprise: they were all offered a Garmin GPS on which we had recorded a track to a secret destination. By road but also off road, the track took them first to Soysambu-Elementeita where a sumptuous bush lunch in a magnificient setting to relax from the three hour drive was prepared by the Serena chefs.

There's more coming after lunch.

The afternoon was spent on the special "obstacle run" we had laid out in the Soysambu conservancy with 4x4 rally professionals on hand to explain the cars systems, then show them how they actually worked and finally, coach them around the track in their own cars.  "Excited" is an understatement of what we witnessed. And it wasn't over yet.



Before night fall, only 15 minutes away, they were all booked in to the Serena Elementeita 5* lodge which we had to ourselves for cocktails -the driving was over so they could now indulge- some prize giving for "amusing achievements of the day", and five course dinner with fine wines.

The enthusiastic discussions and laughter from all tables through the evening gave us the measure of how successfull the day was.


Other measures of success?


Extensive media coverage (print/TV).


Direct and indirect prospects contacts, 2 sales realized immediately after first event on recommendations from participants. They feel the raid is reponsible for several sales through the year.


One year after the first edition they feel their clients, many of whom are aspirations to others, have become their best salesmen by talking to their peers about the great relationship they have with DT Dobie and what a fantastic car they have.


Garmin liked the concept so much they offered free units to be part of the event, they are still with us for the next events.


Inviting prospects to the raid is now part of the sales pitch for Jeep salesmen!


JEEP African head office has increased the marketing budget for the event to be repeated twice a year.

The 3rd edition is for April 2015, the 4th already being discussed for November, and beyond...


So far all events have had "full house" of 20 cars and there is a waiting list for the next ones.


Out of the box thinking to help solve marketing problems on your brands and products is what we specialize in, and have done so successfully for years working in the advertising industry.

The "new Kenyan consumer" is more informed and aware,

he wants and needs reassurance, proof, demonstration that brands are not simply out for his hard earned, and so volatile, money.  Especially in Africa where hardship is never far from anyones minds. A major part of the equation is to have him interact with the company -give it a face- and their brands.

Word of mouth is still the best media in Africa, we propose solutions that make sure the experience the consumers have with your brands and products will make them your best salesmen.