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Detox week-end on Lamu Island

Limiting fat, caffeine and alcohol, learning about nutrition while enjoying healthy and tasty cuisine will be our focus. Swimming, meditation and yoga complement the program for a week-end or a week dedicated to wellness.

Lamu House, on the seafront in Lamu Town, offers the comfort of a hotel in two Swahili houses with a total of 10 rooms, renovated with the traditional Lamu style.

Excellent cuisine, which blends the best local ingredients; abundant fresh seafood, coconut and tropical fruit are all combined with the exotic spices that have been traded along the East African coast for centuries.

Lamu invites you to sail the Indian Ocean in the same kind of vessels – the traditional dhows – than in the 18th & 19th Centuries when Arab navigators were trading spices in these islands. The Lamu archipelago is now very quiet and lives at the rhythm of the dhows, unspoiled by our modern means of transports. It is surely one of the most relaxing experience to spend one or two days on these sailing boats.



  • Visit of Lamu old town

  • Dhow trips in the Lamu archipelago

  • Swimming

  • Yoga and meditation

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