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Exclusive Portfolio Africa…

Long name, but it says exactly who we are and what we are about.



Because we thrive on being different. We look for those special places, those special deals, the activities that few propose or even bother to know about.


Ours is well furnished. What does one expect from more than 18 years of life in Kenya? From the teenager on a budget who wants to really discover what Kenya, Africa can offer, to his parents who want to experience wildlife while enjoying a sundowner at the foot of the Kilimanjaro in a hot tub…


Cycling in the parks with the Maasai? Mt Kenya downhill bike race? Or just plain cycling to meet the local populations on different terms? Hiking –with security in the form of an armed guide- from camp to camp surrounded by the big five? Diving with Whale sharks? Or dolphins? Snorkeling on the world’s second biggest barrier reef? Discovering Kenya or reaching Kilimanjaro on a motorcycling adventure? Kitesurfing in far away places with the pros? Paragliding in the rift valley? Rafting? Ballooning over the elephants? We’ve also organized photo seminars with pros or high end 4x4 adventures. Many people simply enjoy wildlife sightseeing in a 4x4; We have this also, but we will select camps/lodges with a twist, community projects with the Maasai, Samburu, Turkana...


In summary, we have it. If we don’t? We’ll find it, or create it.


Because we live here, by choice. A continent that has never left any guest indifferent. The experiences we will have them live here will occupy their memories for a long long time… Probably forever!

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